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    Jennifer Wilbur Photography will be Jennifer Heim Photography. A rebrand will happen over the winter but stay tuned. Some minor changes might happen slowly over the next few months.
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Well I finally did it -It was spur of the moment and fantastic. I am still building a relationship with the kids and didn’t want them to feel like I was the annoying mommyographer. My plan was to send a card and use our beautiful wedding photographs only but the kids actually were excited! So with the assistance of my father we captured some wonderful images right on my block a the berry farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts.

Sunderland MA Kids 1Sunderland MA Kids 2Sunderland MA Kids 3Sunderland MA Kids 411-19-2016-heim01511-19-2016-heim01711-19-2016-heim02311-19-2016-heim02711-19-2016-heim030